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ZThirtyTwo Windshield Cowl Trim Set Gloss Black



ZThirtytwo introduces our Z32 Windshield Trim Set in Gloss Black that replaces the existing plastic lower windshield trim pieces. Our unique product has a completely smoothed surface with the elimination of the original ventilation holes. This provides a much cleaner appearance compared to the original. Ideal for those who want a show car look.

HVAC will not be affected by installation of this part and will function normally.

These are exact replicas of the original parts and fit the same as the originals. Some of the original fasteners have been eliminated but this does not hamper the installation integrity.

Fiberglass composite with a high-gloss black gel coat finish that is very durable. Made using vacuum infusion process resulting in the highest of quality both in finish and strength. 

Includes new replacement installation hardware. Does not include the factory rubber seals. 

Made in the USA

Fits Left Hand Drive Cars Only


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